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Yoon Ji-Su is one of the main characters in the Live Action Netflix series Sweet Home. She is portrayed by Park Gyu-young.

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She was a struggling musician prior to the monster outbreak.


She is shown to have a selfless and caring personality as seen when she watched over Hyun-su after he passed out, and consoling Cha Jin-Ok after the death of her daughter.

Physical Appearance[]

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Season 1 appearance

Yoon Ji-su is a young woman of average height. She has long, black hair with bright, red highlights which she later ties into a bun. In Episode 7, it is cut short as Jung Jae-Heon had no choice but to cut it after the Speed Monster got a hold of her hair.


Season One


  • She lived in Room 1510.
  • She plays the bass.
  • In the webtoon, both her and Hyun-su have romantic feelings for each other.
  • In the webtoon, she has short brown hair and resembles the main character of Hyun's favorite anime "Maria in the sky".