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Seo Yi-Kyung is one of the main characters in Sweet Home. She is portrayed by Lee Si-young. She is a former fighter from the Special Forces Unit and firefighter. She has great judgment and great combat skills.


She lived with her fiancé Nam Sang-Won in Green Home and planned on getting married. Two days before their wedding, there was an accident in which her fiancé died. Later she finds out that he didn't die but something is wrong with him.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Trying to leave the building she and the other residents find out that all the doors are locked by someone. Eventually they manage to make it into the manager’s office where she calls the emergency services but finds them all completely busy with disaster reports, but eventually the line dies. Kim Seok-Hyeon opens the main gate and they find a strange creature outside the doorway. Eun-Hyeok grabs a fire extinguisher to fight it off. Yi-kyung tackles it back outside while the gate was closing. Eun-Hyeok gets under the gate stopping it from closing until she makes it back inside.

Season 2[]

Infiltrates the lab centre as a soilder in search of her husband, helped by Dr.Lim (an old friend of her husband) she finds Sangwon inside an incubator in a corpse-like state. As she tries to reach her hand into the incubator to hold his hand, her contractions begin. Revealing her pregnant belly which is deformed and moving unhuman like. She falls to the ground, groaning and screaming as she turns her body from side to side as a result of the severe pain. While this is happening, there are missiles being launched towards her area soon causing the lab gets destroyed and making her fall onto the frozen river where her contractions continue. There is another hit nearby causing the frozen river to shatter beneath her, she then falls into the cold water. Yi-kyung regains consciousness back on shore, she can see a black-monster baby eating its umbilical. As tears fall down her face, she crawls up behind the baby with a knife behind it as she tries to kill it. Yikyung reappears as she holds a gun towards Lee Eun-Yu and Chanyeong, telling them to stay away as she pulls the monster girl (her daughter) away. Eunyu tries to call and stop her, however Yi-Kyung tells her to pretend they the altercation never happened. She takes the child into a paddling boat, paddling towards a bigger boat (their home). We see Yi-kyung asleep on a chair while the monster girl sits infront of her, the girl tries to take off Yi-kyung's eyepatch which then shows us flashbacks of the two before to when the mother got the scar but it is very brief. Yi-Kyung pushes her daughter away before the two start arguing, her daughter stating she is indifferent to all the people outside and Yi-kyung being angry at her for turning others into monsters. As a result of her anger, she pushes the girl inside a room and locks the door while she recalled previous events of when the child was younger.

In a flashback, 4 men tried to infiltrate their boat, Yi-Kyung rushed her daughter inside a room protecting her while she fought off the men. However she was overpowered as they managed to open the door to the girl and started chasing her and shooting at her with areows and bullets. Before Yi-Kyung could save her, the men were able to shoot through her causing the child to age older. The girl turns one of the men into a monster as Yi-kyung arrives and takes her away.

Back to modern day, Yi-kyung realises her daughter set the room on fire, immediately opening the door as she grabbed her daughter out of the room. She hears the bells that warn of an intruder and quickly grabs her gun, shooting at a different baby monster that runs around the boat. The monster jumps off the boat while her daughter screams for Yi-kyung to stop. They get into another argument which ends either both of them jumping off the boat.

During the intro for Episode 7, we see the full backstop of Yi-kyung's life from the moment she gave birth. As she tried to kill her daughter, [[Cha Hyun-Su]] appears infront of her. Although she could not bring herself to kill the crying baby, she decided to abonded the monster for Hyunsu to take care of. Months later, she cannot forget about her child, although it was a monster the baby was still her child and she decides to reconnect with the child during spring time. Hyunsu introduces the child, stating that Yi-kyung was her mother. From then on, the three of them live together on the boat with Hyunsu going out to find necessities. After the incident where the child ages up, Yi-kyung grabs her dagger as she pins the girl down on the floor while she cuts her wrist vertically and pours a black substance on the wound. While defending herself, the daughter stabs Yi-kyung in the eye with a pencil causing her to bleed. Hyunsu rushes in asking what was happening where Yi-kyung replied that she wanted to be able to recognise her daughter in case they got separated.

Back to modern day, Yi-kyung gets back on the burning boat. Feeling as she failed in raising her daughter, she decides to kill herself in the fire. Fainting as a result of the smoke, she stayed on the burning floor while the baby monster from before tries to rescue her by rolling in the fire to stop it.


Physical Appearance[]

Because she is a former fighter from the special forces unit and firefighter, she is very fit (even has a sixpack) and seems also very strong.

At first she seems kind of confused in Episode 1, but later she shows off her strength and power by fighting alone against a monster.


Season One

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She was engaged.
  • She has a monster daughter
  • She is very intelligent and strong.
  • She is an Independent woman.
  • She doesn't appear in the webtoon version.