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Lee Eun-yu is one of the main characters in the Live Action Netflix series Sweet Home. She is portrayed by Go Min-si.

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Eun-yu is the younger sister of Lee Eun-Hyeok and used to be an aspiring ballerina. She lived in the Green Home Mansion Apartment along with her older brother; it is never mentioned in the show what room they lived in.

Throughout the Series[]

Episode 1[]

In Episode 1 she is first seen in the rooftop practicing ballet. When she steps on chewed gum, she stops and while she tries to remove it from her shoe she asks Cha Hyun-su if it was his gum. After he denies it, she asks him if he saw who threw the gum. Later she tells Hyun-su not to kill himself in Green Home because he would cause a lot of trouble to a lot of people and to find somewhere else to do it. She stays a while longer on the rooftop and Hyun-su goes down to his room.

She meets Pyeon Sang-Wook on the higher floors of the building's fire escape and converses with him, but he doesn't reply much. Another scene cuts to her and her brother, Lee Eun-Hyeok, in their apartment.

Episode 2[]

She was in her room during the monster encounter on the first floor during the first moments of the apocalypse before deciding to head downstairs, where she encountered the monster that approached Hyun-Su's apartment door but was helped by Sang-Wook. Blood spatters on her face as she watches Sang-Wook beat the monster brutally.

Later in the episode, she and Sang-Wook head downstairs to the first floor to the other residents where Kim Seok-Hyeon uses a taser to incapacitate him, while Eun-Hyeok stays with her. She goes to the washroom and washes the blood of her, trembling.

Afterwards she meets Sang-Wook in the fire escape once again, where he is watching another monster. She tells him that she'll kill him if he turns into a monster, which was mutual.

Episode 3[]

Eun-Yu lies on her bed, stretching her feet with socks on. She sits up and removes the socks, revealing red, bruised feet, which she tries to wrap in a bandage, but instead, remembers her ballet costume, hanging above her bed. She, without any hope of being a dancer again, takes a box cutter and begins destroying the dress furiously.

While Eun-Hyeok calls for all survivors to come to the first floor on the tannoy, Eun-Yu packs her things to head downstairs.

Episode 4[]

As Hyun-Su, Ji-Su, and Jae-Heon head down the stairs leaving Han Du-Sik's apartment, a monster, pushes Hyun-Su off the stairs and he falls down multiple floors. Eun-Yu watches this happen and screams as blood stains the floor. Hyun-Su, with this regenerative abilities, wakes up to find Eun-Yu with him. She reminds him that she told him not to die here, and tells him that since he didn't, she guesses he's not as shitty as she thought before she leaves him with Eun-Hyeok.

During the voting on whether to throw Hyun-Su out of the building or not, she walks in saying that she doesn't want him out. She swears at Kim Seok-Hyeon in sign language when he acts rude.

When Son Hye-In, Kim Ji-Eun, Kang Seung-Wan, No Byeong-Il, Lee Su-Ung, and Choi Yoon-Jae are discussing Hyun-Su, she walks in and supports Hyun-Su by commenting on one of the residents who mentioned why Hyun-Su and Seok-Hyeon were in the phase of turning into monsters. She agrees when Ji-Eun says that's in an act of God and says that no one can know who's next.

In another scene in the episode she walks with Sang-Wook, happily telling him that the disease is not infectious, but then gloomily adds that the world is doomed.

Episode 5[]

While Yoon-Jae exits the safe house (the room where all the infected people where kept) to find a weapon against Sang-Wook. Eun-Yu comes across him and, just like the other residents, finds that something's suspicious about Yoon-Jae; although, at the same time, she scoffs at them for being hypocrites to not notice when he was obviously beaten up by somebody and to now act nice towards him.

Episode 6[]

As Ji-Su's nose bleeds and walks to where all the residents were sitting, indicating that her monsterization process had begun, the residents capture her in a net, and Eun-Yu applauds them sarcastically saying, "This is just great. You seem to be having fun.", which means she was annoyed with all the people that were turning.

Later, after Hyun-Su returns from another mission on the floors above, battling a close encounter with a monster, Eun-Yu opens the door to him, and she looks concerned, showing that she clearly cares for him. She watches him as we walks away.

The residents are all gathered together and Eun-Yu has her headphones on. But once Yeong-Su and Su-Yeong say that their afraid now that supplies are running out and the other residents join in too, she yells saying that they can't give up and that they have to stop whining because it won't change anything.

She's reading Hyun-Su's book as he wakes up from his "bad dream". She jokes around with him, before asking him what gave him the scars on his hand, or what made him hurt himself. When he answers saying it's him, she tells him it's not his fault while applying a bandage on the scar and tells him, once again while yelling, that he has to make it obvious - "I got hurt because of you. It fucking hurt like hell! Yeah?...Why don't you get it?". She walks out of the room and while Ji-Su and Eun-Hyeok are walking towards where Hyun-Su is she tells them to leave him alone, that if something was so important, they should've gotten it themselves. She and Ji-Su end up arguing, and while Eun-Hyeok tries to stop them, she tells him to stop because he's not her real brother. He slaps her in the heat of the moment, and she walks away scoffing at him and calling him weak.

Episode 7[]

While Sang-wook, Jae-heon, Eun-hyeok, Ji-su, and Hyun-su have a wild escapade in a van from all kinds of monsters lying around in the garage, Du-sik is fighting the weird spidery creature. Eun-yu willingly, along with Yu-ri, and later the others, string the monster up with the pulley. Finally Hyun-su arrives and kills the monster with his electrical staff.

Eun-yu later bumps into Yu-ri and tells her she needs to take care of herself instead of others and Yu-ri replies saying, "I'm okay."

Later as Eun-yu wraps up her wound, she and her brother Eun-hyeok walks in with food for her. They share a silent moment, especially after he slapped her in the last episode, as he helps her with the bandage and she fixes her glasses. This shows that despite the arguments they still care for each other. Eun-yu is teary-eyed throughout the scene, but leaves without touching the food.

As Eun-yu looks at her picture sitting in the bathroom stall alone, Ji-su collapses with a bad case of appendicitis, and she needs surgery. Eun-yu argues for Ji-su saying that Eun-hyeok needs to figure out what to do and how to do it. They finally decide to get medical supplies and Eun-yu helps prep the "surgery room."

Episode 8[]

After Ji-su's surgery is successful and some battle the big protein monster, Seon-yeong was declared as the newly infected. They all gather together, as the group became more close-knit. They get drunk on 4-year-old Korean wine, and Eun-hyeok allows it as long as they don't forget their duties.

Hyun-su continues to struggle with himself and his past, but he and Eun-yu have a sweet, heartfelt moment. She tells him she quit ballet for real and he asks, "Why?." She replies saying that there's no one to watch her perform. She then holds up his face when he looks down asking who was giving him a hard time this time. She then makes him promise something to her unwillingly, crossing their pinkies and joining their thumbs, and when he asks what, she shyly smiles and says, "It's a secret." This is one of the very few instances of Eun-yu's softer side. But then Eun-Hyeok interrupts them, grinning slightly and saying, "Congratulations, it's your first love", and she immediately puts her cold shield up again, showing that she usually only shows her softer side around Hyun-su. She puts up a show completely changing the situation and showing her middle finger to her brother as to showing Hyun-su how to deal with people that give him a hard time. He warmly smiles at her reaction and she walks off fumbling to herself.

Later, Eun-yu's still thinking of her brother's comment when Sang-wook walks past. She asks for his lighter as she wants to light a cigarette, and he tells asks, "Are you bullying me or something." Sang-wook remembers when Yu-ri says that it's just his way of saying thank you. He tells Eun-yu to say, "Please" and then drops the lighter when she does. Eun-yu goes back to thinking of what her brother said.

Towards the end of the episode, when Jae-heon fights the building manager who's now a monster with flies all over his face, Eun-yu watches as the two fight grimly in the elevator, Jae-heon's arm already cut off by the monster's chain-saw like machine. She has a sad, sympathetic expression as Jae-heon bravely asks Eun-hyeok to burn both of them, and then dies.

Episode 9[]

Eun-yu and the others mourn Jae-heon's death as Ji-su walks in.


Eun-yu is a somewhat abrasive and head-strong girl. She has a critical, straightforward and somewhat rude attitude; mostly saying things how they are. Example of this is when she criticizes Hyun-Su and tells him to jump from another building as to not cause trouble for her nor the residents of Green Home, as well as when she criticizes Ji-Su for comforting Jin-Ok when she lost her daughter. This attitude is disliked by most of the survivors especially Ji-Su who calls her the "Psycho-Bitch" in response to her criticism.

She does however have a softer side beneath the attitude. While she does criticize Ji-Su, she also views her as a rival of sorts and cared for her well-being and encourages her when she collapsed due to appendicitis, wanting to settle a score when she's better. She also cares deeply for her brother (on the contrary to how she usually treats him) as she was worried for his safety. He is not blood related to her.

Another example of her soft side is her empathy and concern for Hyun-Su. She was the first to stick up for him when he was being voted to leave, as well as when he was being used by her brother for their gain. She comforted him in her own ways, encouraging him through criticism in a straightforward way. She also stopped her brother Eun-Hyeok and Ji-Su from killing Hyun-Su when he turned into a half monster as she believed he was still there. It is strongly implied that she has a crush on Hyun-Su especially when Eun-Hyeok suggests that Hyun-Su is her first love which she becomes heavily flustered by and snaps back, denying it.

Physical Appearance[]


Season 1 Appearance

Eun-yu is an attractive young woman of average height with straight, long, dark hair. She has a slender physique due to her hobby/passion of being a ballerina. She is usually always seen going around wearing her headphones. She also has a leg injury that may have been the cause of her quitting ballet.

In Season 2, her appearance changes drastically after the 337 day time-skip as she passes more as an apocalyptic survivor than a regular high school girl. She cuts her hair short where it passes just under her chin. She wears ragged clothes, her face and body are always covered in dirt due to always venturing outside of the stadium as well as the fact that there are no showers in the stadium. For the most of Season 2, she sports a tattered, deep red tank top with a black vest underneath. Along with, army green camo pants and black combat boots, she later wears a large, navy bomber jacket patterned with light green, dark green and red zigzag lines. When exploring outside the stadium, she carries her rucksack and a dagger as her primary weapon.

Halfway through the third season, she ties her hair in a low ponytail and changes her pants to black.


Season One[]

Season Two[]


Lee Eun-Hyeok - Despite not showing it, Eun-yu actually cherishes her older brother. Even though the pair are not related by blood, it is clear that she still values him as her family. In the beginning, Eun-yu acts rather cold and hostile towards her brother for some unknown reason as she would always give snarky remarks or just gave him the cold shoulder, in response to his caring actions. In the second half of the series, Eun-yu doesn't treat him as harshly anymore and shows her softer side to him. It was later revealed, in her talk with Ji-su why she acted so cold towards her brother and the reason was out of guilt for turning him into an orphan and having to selflessly drop out of medical school to finance her ballet tuition fees.

Cha Hyun-Su - Hyun-su is described to be her "first love". When Eun-yu first met Hyun-su, she insults him and coldly tells him to go die somewhere else.

Yoon Ji-Su - The two did not get along very well, as Eun-yu would often try and pick a fight with Ji-su for the reason that she hated seeing her act nice, which led to the two exchanging insults with each other from time to time. Though, Eun-yu was often mean towards her, deep down she did show that she cared which was evidently shown when she comforts Ji-su, when she finds her mourning over Jae-Heon's death in an unconventional way and hands her some chocolates.

Pyeon Sang-Wook - Their relationship can be summarized as Eun-yu trying to get under Sang-wook's skin by acting playful with him, when he obviously was not in the mood to converse. When Eun-yu spots him smoking outside on the stairs, she joins him in suit and seems to be intrigued by him due to the rumors of him being a gangster. Whenever Sang-wook passes by, Eun-yu always took the opportunity to attempt conversations with him, though he's always unamused and just brushes her off. They are both regular smokers, though Sang-wook later quits.

Park Chan-Yeong - Chan-yeong was in charge of transporting Eun-yu and the other Green Home residents to the safety camp. Chan-yeong's comrade ordered Chan-yeong to tie them all up and ditch them after Eun-yu had threatened them with a gun. Chan-yeong purposely ties Eun-yu's hands together very loosely, so they could quickly free themselves when they leave. Eun-yu decided to return the favour and helps him by stopping the bus until he could get on when he came into contact with the monsters. When it was time for Chan-yeong to depart from the group, Eun-yu suggested he stays with them.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She is seen several times reading a volume of the manga "Bastard", a South Korean webtoon written by Kim Carnby and illustrated by Hwang Young-chan, the same people behind Sweet Home.
  • Apparently, she got expelled from her school though we don't know whether she was joking or was being serious.
  • Before the monster apocalypse, her dream was to become a famous ballerina.
  • She is a smoker.
  • She is sometimes seen wearing headphones, though it is revealed by Go Min-si that she isn't listening to music. She wears them so she can listen in on the other residents' conversations, without them thinking she can hear them.
  • In the webtoon, she appears to be in her early teens and her personality is less aggressive.