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Lee Eun-Hyeok is one of the main characters in Sweet Home. He is portrayed by Lee Do-hyun.

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After their parents die, he gives up studying medicine in order to finance Lee Eun-Yu's ballet career. Though the two were not related, Eun-Hyeok showed deep concern and care towards Eun-Yu, treating her as his own sister.

During the start of the apocalypse he was downstairs along with most of the survivors and witnessed the events there, throughout the series he has shown to act somewhat of a leader to the group in terms of strategy.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

As Eun-Hyeok is about to leave for work, he and the other residents find out that all the doors are locked. Kim Seok-Hyeon opens the main gate and they find a strange creature outside the doorway. He grabs a fire extinguisher to fight it off but uses up all the chemicals, so Yi-kyung tackles it back outside while the gate closes. Eun-Hyeok gets under the gate, stopping it from closing until Yi-kyung makes it back inside.

Season 2[]

In season 2, Eun-yu went on a mission to find Eun-Hyeok, she was not successful in doing so. In the last scene of the final episode, Eun-Hyeok is shown naked after he emerged out of a "heart" (cocoon) in the Green Homes apartment complex as a new stage of monsterization referred to as "Neohuman."

Season 3[]

In season 3, Eun-Hyeok is shown in a new black outfit and haircut. As a Neohuman, he has hyper-agility, very fast reflexes, immortality by being reborn into a new clone if one of his bodies dies, and can learn anything rapidly. He also retains every single memory of when he was human and believes that they (referring to Neohumans as a whole) have achieved everything they needed by transcending monsterization. He first appeared in a church where the wounded Crow Platoon soldier was staying. He is passive and doesn't show any fear towards the soldier who is pointing a gun at him. He then offered the soldier a can of food to show that he is not hostile. Eun-Hyeok informed the soldiers that the special infectees are hostile and want to eradicate all Neohumans. He then explained that all humans will monsterize and evolve into Neohumans. Eun-Hyeok then requests that the soldier lead him to the stadium where the special infectees are.

On the way to the stadium, coincidentally, they drove past a group of people consisting of Eun-Hyeok's younger sister, Eun-Yu, a Crow Platoon soldier, and the mobile-home vehicle girl. Initially, Eun-Hyeok made eye contact with his sister but then completely ignored her. They then runs over Hyun-Su (monster ego) who was attacking a special infectee with the ability to spew out very corrosive substances. Eun-Hyeok then confronts Hyun-Su, who then attacks Eun-Hyeok. During the fight, Hyun-Su acknowledges how agile Eun-Hyeok is. Eun-Hyeok then jokes about how Hyun-Su might have gotten slower. Eun-Hyeok then requests Hyun-Su to help him eradicate the special infectees in the stadium. Hyun-Su rejects the request because he (monster ego) doesn't want to be ordered around like Hyun-Su in Season One. Eun-Yu, who ran after him, is then ignored again by both Hyun-Su and Eun-Hyeok. At this point, they get into a fist-fight. The corrosive special infectee then covers the whole bus Hyun-Su and Eun-Hyeok are in with a corrosive substance that immediately dissolves the bus. Both Hyun-Su and Eun-Hyeok realize how dangerous the situation has escalated and stops their quarrel to formulate a plan to get out of the bus before both are killed. Hyun-Su saw an opening and launched Eun-Hyeok into the air with his wing, letting him escape unharmed from the substance. Eun-Yu then jumps out of the car she was in to talk to Eun-Hyeok, who was immediately dismissive of her. Eun-Hyeok then asks her if she knew where the stadium was. She then asks him if that is all he has to say to her after being stranded away from her. Then Eun-Hyeok explains monsterization and Neohumanism to her, concluding that he is indifferent to her and that she's of no use to him, unlike Hyun-Su. Eun-Yu gave him his cracked glasses that she found in the destroyed Green Home Apartments in Season Two. Eun-Hyeok inspects the glasses, then puts them on and throws them down to the ground. Hyun-Su was able to break out of his monster ego and turn back into himself. He then cuts the bus in half with his wing and escapes. Hyun-Su then extends his wing towards Eun-Hyeok, who grabs one of the wing spikes and is told by Hyun-Su that he can keep it. This nods to the acceptance of Eun-Hyeok's earlier request to Hyun-Su about eradicating the special infectees in the stadium. Hyun-Su then tells Eun-Hyeok that he may be fast, but he won't be fast enough to deal with the special infectees. Then all three of them walk to the stadium. As they're walking, Eun-Yu reminds Eun-Hyeok of his human memories and tells Hyun-Su about reminding her of her human memories if she turns into a monster. Eun-Yu then leaves the group because she feels that she will feel uncomfortable and slow down the group in the stadium. As Hyun-Su and Eun-Hyeok are walking, Hyun-Su confronts him about disassociating with his sister. Both then realizes that Eun-Su is succumbing to her desire and will turn into a monster. Both abruptly stops the confrontation and continues to walk to the stadium.

Both Hyun-Su and Eun-Hyeok arrive at the stadium and find a group of symptomatic individuals who were infected and controlled by a human/monster hybrid Ah-Yi (Yi-Kyung's daughter). Both banter with each other about splitting up to find the special infectees. It is at this point that Eun-Hyeok tries to fake a smile. Eun-Hyeok and Hyun-Su then splits up. Eun-Hyeok encounters a group of Ah-Yi's hostile infected minions who were swiftly defeated. Yeong-Su, who was turned into a green slime monster by Ah-Yi, crawls to Eun-Hyeok and waves at Eun-Hyeok to follow him to where a possessed Ah-Yi (by her father, Sang-Won [MH1]) was and stabs her in the chest. This led to the dream world crumbling where Hyun-Su was trying to free Ah-Yi from Sang-Won's possession. Sang-Won then commands a whole army of Ah-Yi's minions to attack Eun-Hyeok and Hyun-Su, which led to Hyun-Su being overwhelmed. Eun-Hyeok, against Hyun-Su's will, throws the wing spike at Ah-Yi. Sang-Won uses his own power through his daughter and throws out tentacle spikes in an attempt to stop the wing spike from striking. He is unsuccessful because Ah-Yi resisted his control, which caused the tentacle spikes to retract. This ultimately led to Sang-Won leaving his dying daughter's body. Eun-Hyeok then tells Hyun-Su that it is futile to keep killing every body that Sang-Won enters and proposes a plan to sacrifice himself by letting Sang-Won possess his body and committing suicide by burning to kill Sang-Won. Eun-Hyeok reassures Hyun-Su that he will just be reborn into a new clone after his body's death. Eun-Hyeok's plan was not able to be enacted because Sang-Won reappears as a possessed Sang-Wook (MH6). Sang-Wook was able to resist Sang-Won's control and ultimately crawled into a fire and dies along with Sang-Won.

Eun-Yu then starts showing symptoms after reliving memories of the first day of the outbreak in the Green Home Apartment complexes and was comforted by an imaginary Eun-Hyeok. Both Hyun-Su and Eun-Hyeok walk back to where they last saw Eun-Yu. Hyun-Su asks Eun-Hyeok if he was fine with how everything turned out. Eun-Hyeok said he was fine as he is not able to feel any emotions. Hyun-Su then asks him if he knows where Eun-Yu was or where he would've gone if he was Eun-Yu. Eun-Hyeok said he does not know, but he knows that she'll turn (into a monster then Neohuman) and follow them (other Neohumans). Hyun-Su then said he will turn Eun-Yu back into a human if he sees her first. Hyun-Su then tells him to stay close by so that he can bring him to Eun-Yu after finding her. Eun-Hyeok then takes out a picture of him and his family. He then reminisces about Eun-Yu telling him that he has memories so he should be able to "learn" emotions again. He then remembers himself crying while looking at his family photo just before he showed symptoms of monsterization. Eun-Hyeok tries to imitate his pose in the family photo by putting up a peace sign and unsuccessfully trying to smile. He quickly returns back to his indifferent manner and begins to walk while putting the family photo back into his pocket. This shows that the photo has sentimental value to him, indicating that he might still have or redevelop his human emotions. After some time has passed, Eun-Hyeok reunites with his sister and Hyun-Su on a rooftop. This time he has a more casual outfit and the same haircut as when he was human. Hyun-Su and Su-Hyeok smiles at Eun-Yu, this indicates that Neohumans can possibly regain their human feelings. Hyun-Su, Eun-Hyeok, and Eun-Yu collectively name this place "Sweet Home."


He is the brain of the Green Home. He leads the remaining residents of the Green Home Apartment because of his calm-mindedness and intelligence. Eun-Hyeok is known for having the ability to stay calm and make rational decisions despite unimaginable events. In most of the episodes, Eun-Hyeok seems like he has no empathy and puts up a somewhat cold front towards others. He has shown to be intelligent in strategy and is willing to make tough decisions that proved difficult for his Neighbour's. Eun-Hyeok leads the group stuck in the Green Home Apartment, devising plans for food, water, electricity and fighting off monsters. His character is known for strong leadership skills and intelligence which aid in protecting the lives of the Green Home's residents.

Physical Appearance[]

Eun-Hyeok had short hair and wore glasses, he also wore a flannel with a white shirt underneath.


Season One


  • In the webtoon, he and Hyun-su are both fans of an anime called "Maria in the sky"
  • In the webtoon, he becomes a monster in order to stop Hyun-su's monster from killing the other survivors in the rooftop, with his desire to stop anything, causing him to turn into a giant flesh block that covers most of the roof, though his monstrous form is eventually reverted into a cocoon, he is not seen until the epilogue chapter of Shotgun Boy.
  • He left medical school to work at a part-time job, so he could pay for Eun-yu's ballet lessons.