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Jung Ui-Myeong is the antagonist in the Live Action Netflix series Sweet Home. He is portrayed by Kim Sung-Cheol.


He is a liquid-like monster inhabiting the body of a researcher that experimented on monsters before he was killed. Like Cha Hyun-Su, he is able to retain his consciousness. It's unclear if his name belongs to himself or the researcher.

Throughout the series[]

In Episode 9, he arrives at Green Home alongside Shin Jung-Seop and his gang, hunting down a runaway gang member. When Yoon Ji-Su is getting assaulted by Kyeong-Mo, he saves her by telling him that Jung-Seop wants him and will kill him if he doesn't go. When they regroup with Jung-Seop, he pretends not to know what Kyeong-Mo is talking about. At some point after An Seon-Yeong's death, Ui-Myeong possesses her body and attacks the group, forcing Cha Hyun-Su to kill her and reveal himself as a monster. On the rooftop, he reveals he is also a monster and betrays Jung-Seop by stabbing him in the chest with his hand and dropping him off the building, telling the gang leader that he "crossed the line this time." One of the gang members tries to kill him by shooting him in the neck, but Ui-Myeong expels the bullet at high speed and kills him. He spares Kim Nam-Il after he begs for his life. Ui-Myeong attempts to officially introduce himself to Hyun-Su when a government helicopter flies over them, dropping pamphlets all around the city that claim that any human who turns in a special infectee will be protected and brought to a safety camp. Hyun-Su tries to convince him that not all monsters harm humans by showing him the Fetus Monster, but Ui-Myeong rebuts this by asking if there are humans that won't harm monsters in return.

In Episode 10, the two return downstairs and are held at gunpoint by the other Green Home residents. Ui-Myeong is somewhat surprised to see the residents are not as hostile towards Hyun-Su as they are towards him. Hyun-Su convinces them to disarm by testing their trust in him, as they are both special infectees. Later, Ui-Myeong tells him about how he had volunteered to be an experiment for the government to see if the monster could be removed from his body, but he later realized that he was the monster, so that was not possible. In the flashback, we see that Ui-Myeong was actually a researcher, and the person talking to Hyun-Su is not the real Ui-Myeong. After killing the researchers, he escaped from the facility using the body he is currently possessing. It is implied by flashback he slaughtered a church full of human survivors before he joined Jung-Seop. He tries to convince Hyun-Su to leave the building with him and find other special infectees because it is just a matter of time before the other residents sell them out to the military after reading the pamphlets. At first, Hyun-Su doesn't believe him, but then they hear someone blowing an alarm whistle and Kim Yeong-Su screaming. When they go to see what happened, they see Kim Su-Yeong restraining her brother and No Byeong-Il, with Kang Seung-Wan and Son Hye-In, about to kill the Slime Monster. Hyun-Su and Yeong-Su insist it won't harm them, but Su-Yeong shouts for them to kill it because it's a monster. The trio ends up killing the Slime Monster, convincing Hyun-Su that monsters and humans can't co-exist, just like Ui-Myeong told him. Later, Ui-Myeong tells Seo Yi-Kyung and Lee Eun-Hyeok that he will leave soon. As an apology for his part in their misery, he tells them about Operation Golden Hour, the military's plan to destroy humans and monsters alike before they lose their power.

The next morning, Park Yu-Ri has an asthma attack and she is out of inhalers. Pyeon Sang-Wook grabs her and attempts to take her to find more. Before they can go outside, Ui-Myeong, who thinks they're going to the military, knocks them both to the ground. Hyun-Su tells him to let them go, but he guns them down when they make it outside. Hyun-Su tries to stop him, but Ui-Myeong knocks him away before killing two of the residents in the building. He tries to shoot Son Hye-In, but No Byeong-Il stops the bullet with his body and dies from his injuries moments later, surrounded by his friends. Seo Yi-Kyung shoots at him to create a distraction, allowing Hyun-Su to get back on his feet and fight Ui-Myeong. While they are fighting, Ui-Myeong tells Hyun-Su that he was inside An Seon-Yeong's body when Hyun-Su had to kill her, which infuriates him and triggers his final transformation. Ui-Myeong begins to clap in excitement, not fighting back as Hyun-Su kills him and dissolves his body with his new power. Without a host to control, the monster sneaks outside in his true form and takes control of Sang-Wook's corpse, posthumously healing him of his burn scars. After the military arrives and guns down Hyun-Su, the monster (now possessing Sang-Wook's body), rescues him and they go on the run together.


While Ui-Myeong describes that he once volunteered for the torture of finding a cure for being infected, it is implied he went mad after his original body expelled him and he killed the surrounding researchers. He develops a god-complex, believing that monsters are superior to humans as wolves are to rabbits. He is cruel, sadistic, and takes delight in using his power to trick and kill humans. He doesn't value their lives, as seen when he mercilessly kills anyone he suspects will go to the military and disclose his location. His impulse to kill and get his way seems stronger than his patience sometimes, as he impulsively guns down Yu-Ri and Sang-Wook despite Hyun-Su promising he will leave with Ui-Myeong if he lets them go. Upon seeing Hyun-Su's monster transformation and his loss of human emotion, he gets excited and gleefully emotional seeing Hyun-Su embrace his true self.


Season One[]


  • It's likely Ui-Myeong killed everyone in the last group he was in.
    • In Episode 9, Jung-Seop says the group they encountered was all dead by the time his group arrived and there weren't any signs a monster had been there to kill them, only Ui-Myeong.
  • His webtoon counterpart is less sadistic than his Series self, in the webtoon despite sometimes becomeing agressive and attacking the other characters, in the end he is willing to help the others escape from the building and even staying on the roof to fight off the monsters coming up the staircase and give the remaining survivors time to escape until he was killed by the monster of his former boss.
  • His monsterous power in the webtoon was that he could extend his body parts to attack any monster.