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Han Du-Sik is one of the characters in Sweet Home. He is portrayed by Kim Sang-ho. He is a middle-aged man and is a talented weapon-smith.

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Throughout the Series[]

He, first, appeared in Episode 2, having saved Hyun-Su's life, and asking if he [Hyun-Su] would like to help the children whose father was just killed. He assisted the people with making weapons, and plans to fight the monsters and carry out missions.


He seems to have a light-felt personality, trying to ease tensions by making light jokes, that others seem to not understand or enjoy.

Physical Appearance[]

Middle aged man in wheelchair. Usually seen with a black cap on.


Season One

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He lived in Room 1408.
  • He was an amputee, and was in a wheelchair.
  • In the webtoon, he eventualy becomes a monster after holding the monsters back for the others to escape, he attacks Hyun-Su and a few others before they are forced to kill him, when Hyun-Su tries to kill him, for a moment he catches a glimps of Du-sik's point of view, where he is reunited with his family.