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Cha Hyun-su is the main protagonist of the Live Action Netflix series Sweet Home. He is portrayed by Song Kang.

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Cha Hyun-su was a high school student who was severely bullied, therefore, he refused to go to school and became closed off to the world and didn't get along with his family. After surviving the car crash that took the life of his whole family, he moved to Green Home Apartment Complex.

Throughout the Series[]

Episode 1[]

On the the 8th August 2020, Cha Hyun-su arrives at Green Home Mansion Apartment. After settling in his apartment, he sits in darkness contemplating whether he should kill himself. Hyun-Su eventually heads up to the rooftop and looks over the edge. However, he’s distracted by Lee Eun-yu, who advises him not to die as it would cause problems for everyone in the building. Later, Hyun-Su received a text announcing that he’s been selected as a tester for an upcoming new video game, sets on the 25th August, he scheduled it as the day he'll commit suicide.

A week later, Hyun-su finds his newly delivered package of ramyeon scattered all over the hallway, leading directly to his starving neighbor’s blood-soaked room, where he saw the detached head of the owner's cat being dragged away by a bloody hand. He cowers back to his room, but the neighbor promptly arrives outside his door, pretending to be scared and begs for help, pleads with him to open up his door and stay with her. When he asks to see her arms through the doorbell camera, she becomes aggressive with blood oozing from her nose. She scurried away after hearing the music from Ji-Su's room upstairs. As he heads outside to look for the woman, he finds Sang-Wook in the hallway and passes out right in front of him.

Episode 2[]

Hyun-su wakes up 8 hours later and changes out of his bloody clothes. While looking at the burning city from his apartment window, his nose starts bleeding. While he's reading an article about the Crucru curse, the internet gets cut off. He's hungry and he remembers the ramyeon box is still outside of his door, he goes outside to get it but he encounters the blind monster, he stays silent until the monster goes away.

Later, he contemplates whether to die now because so he'll die as a human. He's distracted by the crying of the children downstairs. After trying to save the children from the eye monster, he gets attacked and constrict by it. Han Du-Sik saves him, give him more knowledge about the monsters, upgrades his weapon so that he can ventures out and gets the children to safety.

While getting the children to safety, his nose starts bleeding again as the monster within him attempts to take over his body by reminding him of his unfair life.


He used to be a regular outgoing teenager who went to high school, cared about his classmates and had a lot of friends but after being victim of constant bullying he became an introvert. He no longer talked much to others and when he had to do it, he did in very low tone of voice. He locked himself in his bedroom and spent all his time playing video games, barely going outside even after his mother pleaded him to go on a trip with the family.

After his family died, his depression became worse, he's suicidal. He moved to Green Home and spent most of his time playing online video games and eating ramyeon.

After the monster apocalypse began, Hyun-su tried to help his neighbors in everything he could, even if sometimes it wasn't appreciated enough.

Physical Appearance[]

Hyun-su is a tall, young man appearing in his late teens, with a slender build as his diet consists of only eating ramyeon. When he went to high school he had short hair but after his classmates began to bully him, he stopped caring about his physical appearance. His hair grew longer and looked messy and he had dark eye circles because of the lack of sleep. Despite his shabby appearance, he is noted to be handsome by a few of the Green Home residents. In episode 8, he cuts his hair shorter after receiving a pep-talk from Eun-yu to establish a new beginning in his character.

Monster State: Whenever Hyun-Su's monster side takes control, the sclera of his eyes turn completely black, however, in season 2 it appears that he can also change his eye colour to blue. When entering his monster form, his eyes go completely black and his right arm is transformed into a wing.

In Season 2, after the time-skip Hyun-Su has shown to have built some muscle as his figure looks more fit, most likely due to his time in the research facility performing as a lab rat, resulting him in getting stronger and looking more manly whereas in Season 1, he had more of a scrawny appearance.

Powers and Abilities[]

Monster Physiology: A half-monster who has the ability to transform his right arm into what resembles an angel's wing. His wing has shown to be suitable for both offense and defense when in combat as his wing consists of sharp like daggers used to impale his opponents. He also has the ability to secrete some kind of acid from his wing. He can also use his wing to block and shield himself from incoming attacks. His first transformation occurred in Episode 10, though he was unable to control it as he was about to kill Eun-hyeok, Eun-yu and Ji-su but was stopped just in time by Han Du-sik. In Season 2, it seems that after the time-skip he has gained better control over his powers.

Inner Desire: Hyun-Su's power to transform into his monster form is derived from the monster within him. The monster is a manifestation of Hyun-Su's deepest desires, who wields the power to enable Hyun-Su's transformation.

Flight: Uses his wing to fly.

Regenerative Healing Factor: As a result of becoming infected, he has the ability to rapidly heal any injuries.

Enhanced Strength: Hyun-Su was able to push Jung Ui-Myeong through a brick wall. When he was in the car fighting with Pyeon Sang-Wook, who actually turns out to be Ui-Myeong possessing his body, he manages to pull off the steering wheel with ease.

Superhuman Durability: Is quick to recover from any injuries, including fatal ones. This is especially shown when after the car crash, he is quick to be up on his feet, despite his limbs being broken. He even still had the strength to pull and drag Ui-Myeong just minutes after the crash.

Memory Reading: Can see the memories of monsters from when they were human. While viewing their memories, his eyes turn cloudy, which we see happen twice in Season 2. The first time we see this happen was when Hyun-Su struggles with a monster who served as a test subject at the facility; the other was with the monsterized Seo Yi-Kyung.

Ability to Turn Monsters into Humans: In season 3, we see that not only can Cha Hyun-su see the memories and desires of the people that have turned into monsters, but he can also turn monsters back into humans. He does this by first accessing their memories and desires then getting them to realize that the fantasy that they are living in as monsters (in which they have what they desire most) is not reality. Whenever Hyun-su turns someone back into a human, his self-harm scars also appear on that person's arm for an unknown/unclear reason.


Season One[]

Season Two[]



Cha Yeong-Cheol - From Hyun-su's flashback, it showed that he had a strained and distant relationship with his father. Yeong-Cheol deliberately ignored his son's bullying, due to the fact that his boss was the father of Hyun-su's bully and did not want to be fired from his job. This caused Hyun-su, to resent his father and would avoid speaking to him by staying in his room all day.

Moon Hyeon-Suk - Hyun-su also beard hatred towards his mother as like his father, she had also turned a blind-eye to the bullying. Compared to Yeong-Cheol, she had a calmer approach as she would gently speak to Hyun-su and try to get him to leave his room and join them on their trip so they could bond as a family but justifiably so, Hyun-su would refuse. Hyun-su felt betrayed and heart-broken when he found out that it was his mother who suggested that he should endure it, so her husband doesn't get sacked.

Cha Su-A - Hyun-su also stopped speaking to his sister, ever since he overheard her speaking poorly of him to her friend behind his back. It's unknown what their rapport was like prior to the bullying, but it was likely a normal one.


Lee Eun-Yu - Hyun-su met Eun-yu on the rooftop just as he was about to commit suicide but was then distracted by Eun-yu, who was practising ballet. Eun-yu acted cold towards him in the beginning by telling him to go die somewhere else so he doesn't cause problems. Subsequently after Hyun-su was discovered to be infected, they become close as Eun-yu was one of the very residents to treat him as a regular person rather than a monster. Though, Hyun-su always looked deadpanned in their conversations due to his asocial nature, he was grateful for Eun-yu's help. This ultimately led him to become protective towards her by following and rescuing her from danger whenever she ventured outside the stadium, hinting some feelings for her.

Han Du-Sik - Du-sik was shown as the 'cool uncle' figure to Hyun-su. Their relationship began when Du-sik rescues Hyun-su from the Eyeball monster and asks to come to his room, to help save the kids that were living two floors below them. Du-sik upgraded Hyun-su's weapon, which would then prove to be effective in fighting the monsters, since then the pair became allies and Du-sik became someone Hyun-su respected. When Du-sik sacrificed himself to prevent Hyun-su from destroying himself and harming the other residents, Hyun-su was devastated to see Du-sik dead, even when he couldn't remember him.

Lee Eun-Hyeok - Hyun-su was constantly used by Eun-Hyeok as he would send him on dangerous errands such as retrieving items from each floor, where the monsters were lurking. Because of this, the two were obviously not on friendly terms as Hyun-su disliked the way he was treated by Eun-hyeok.

Yoon Ji-Su - They did not appear to be close, but they shared minimal interactions that were amiable. Hyun-su was visibly upset when he heard the news that Ji-su died.

An Gil Seob - Hyun-su was slightly hurt when Gil Seob rudely tells him to leave after discovering he was infected, as he was leaving, he bursts into laughter revealing it was a joke. Initially, Hyun-su did not take Gil Seob seriously when he offered to come along with him to rescue the kids, because of how overconfident he sounded for his old age. Hyun-su told him he was just acting tough and that no one is not afraid to die, which caused Gil Seob to school him on his response. Hyun-su rethinks his statement and allows him to tag along.

Jung Ui-Myeong - The two seemingly started off as allies due to them both being neo-humans but quickly become enemies as they both learned that they have opposing ideals, resulting in them clashing with Hyun-su wanting a world where humans, neo-humans and monsters can peacefully co-exist whereas, Ui-Myeong wants a world where neo-humans and monsters dominate humanity.

Seo Yi-Su - Hyun-su took care of Ah-yi, when her mother abandoned her. The two have a sibling like bond, aside from taking care of her for almost a year, it is also due to the fact they share the similarity that they are both half-monsters.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He lives in Room 1410.
  • He likes to order fast/instant food.
  • He is a gamer.
  • His webtoon counterpart has several minor differences with some of them being.
    • Rather than waiting to be a game beta tester, he was waiting for the release of a movie of an anime called "Maria in the sky"
    • When he fully transforms into a monster in order to give the survivors more time to escape from the roof, his monster resembles the appearance of a character in "Maria in the sky"
    • In the end, he eventually reverts back to human form after his monster was stopped by Lee Eun-Hyeok monster, and eventually made his way to a military camp where the other survivors were and was welcomed by them.
    • In the webtoon, he is attracted to Yoon Ji-Su.